What's New!
100$ Critical Kush OZ and for every 1OZ of flower you also get 1G of FREE shatter/rosin.
This was such a hit in December we are going to start the NEW YEAR medicated!



How do I become a member?

Click on "Membership"and enter all your information.

Can I order and pay online?

Yes, all information on ordering and paying for your purchase is included in your membership email. All payments are made through Interac e-transfer.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer periodical discount codes, which are sent by email to members. we also offer free shipping on orders of $200 or more before taxes.


How do i know what type of medicine i need to order?

Review all of our products and our charts which describe the effects of each product, discuss with your practitioner or make the choice you feel best suits your needs.


Products shipped back at your cost, must be sealed in original container. opened or used items are not eligible for refund.

How is medical cannabis different than recreational cannabis?

Medical cannabis is only available when approved by a Doctor for people with specific medical conditions. Medical cannabis should be inspected for cleanliness and quality.
Recreational cannabis occurs in numerous forms and may be adulterated with a number of other substances. There is no standardization on the street and users have no guarantee of potency or content.

Did you know Health Canada does allow the consumption of solvent based BHO concentrates?

We feel rosin is a step above and fully Health Canada approved.


What are differences in Sativa, Indica and hybrids

Sativa strains are typically known for providing an energizing, uplifting and euphoric high, while Indica’s are known more for their relaxing high and heavy body buzz. Hybrid strains are generally a mix of both indica and sativa, but can present dominant characteristics of one or the other, depending on the genetic makeup of the cannabis plant.

Is lab testing important?

At Shiva we believe so. Our highest priority is to make sure our cannabis users are receiving the highest quality cannabis accompanied by current and accurate test results. This is true for any cannabis based product that Shiva.buzz represents, including, but not limited too edibles, flowers, tinctures, and oils

Conditions for which Cannabis may be an effective treatment