Buy Weed Shatter Online in Canada

A cannabis extract consists of any oil with a concentration of the cannabis plant’s chemical compounds, including THC and CBD. Cannabis extracts have many nicknames, including shatter. If you’re looking for top of the line weed shatter in Canada, this is the place!

Shatter has an amber transparency and the term is used because the cannabis extract is made into a glass-like consistency, so it can “shatter”. Rosin is the better method for making shatter that contains zero solvents and is Health Canada approved. By combining heat and pressure, a resinous sap is squeezed from the cannabis substance, whether it’s in the form of a flower, hash or kief, and left to solidify as it cools. Some people who make or buy weed shatter prefer when it’s made with the rosin method because it has a better flavour and potency compared to products made from solvent-based extractions. More experienced cannabis users choose to consume shatter through dabbing, which is a flash-vaporization method.

Located in Vancouver, Shiva.Buzz does in-house growing to provide customers with quality products for medical purposes—so place your order today to buy shatter online!

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