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100$ Critical Kush OZ and for every 1OZ of flower you also get 1G of FREE shatter/rosin.
This was such a hit in December we are going to start the NEW YEAR medicated!



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$25.00 per unit

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Shatter. 80% THC plus!

Well this is our made in house ROSIN SHATTER. This is a Health Canada approved concentrate. We have made the investment to bring you the the best concentrate in the world with our PIKES PEAK Pure pressure machine. We have different flavorous available. Just ask.

Purple candy kush rosin is made from kief and squeezed in a 30 micro bags at 205 degrees Fahrenheit with 5 tons of pressure to produce the finest and cleanest product available. Don't let the other places fool you with BHO products as you can never fully extract solvents. The way we do our  ROSIN is no solvents ever! You don't like the color? Well age of plant material affects color not the high or THC levels, this is a huge misconception pumped buy the BHO industry.  Our SHATTER is Very good and priced better than anyone else. Well we are currently gearing up to do" live THC extraction". This process is when we take fresh frozen weed and run though our FRESH HEADDIES bubble bags and then vacuum freeze dry our bubble hash. This is how you get the nice yellow ROSIN concentrates. NO BHO HERE! Question please email me and i give you the scoop on weed cannabis concentrate shatters.

We also have GCG and POG shatter. Coming soon will be our light color live ROSIN THC. 6 outta 5 stars. WHY? Because it is the purest shatter in the world!

  • ADD / ADHD
  • Anorexia
  • Appetite Stimulant
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Or Severe Pain
Conditions for which Cannabis may be an effective treatment