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100$ Critical Kush OZ and for every 1OZ of flower you also get 1G of FREE shatter/rosin.
This was such a hit in December we are going to start the NEW YEAR medicated!



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Part of the Cannabaceae family, indica cannabis originated in Central Asia and was traditionally cultivated to produce a form of hashish. The strain is known for its “body buzz” as it is considered to be physically sedating. The bud features a pungent, purple aroma, and the plants themselves are shorter in stature with broad leaves. High quality indica marijuana is an excellent choice if you’re looking to wind down and relax after a long day. When you buy our indica marijuana online, we highly recommend our varieties, such as Rock Star Tuna and GCG and Chem Fire OG, if you need an appetite stimulant or are suffering from anxiety. Review each product to choose the one appropriate for your needs.
Conditions for which Cannabis may be an effective treatment