THC Concentrates: Weed Rosin and Cannabis Wax

THC concentrates contain a high potency of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with levels that range from 40% to 80%, and a few concentrates have extracts that reach 90%. Cannabis flowers, in contrast, have a low THC potency of 10%-25%.

Concentrates are categorized as combustible, edible, and topical.

  • Combustible concentrates. These include shatter, cannabis wax, and weed rosin. Combustible concentrates are versatile in their method of consumption. Dabbing makes consumption of cannabinoids easier and is the preferred method for consuming shatter.
  • Edible concentrates. These come in the form of candies and chocolate, juice, capsules, as well as THC tinctures. Many prefer this alternative because of the high potency and simple method of administration.
  • Topical concentrates. These consist of cannabis-infused patches, lotions, oils, and balms to treat various types of muscle pain, inflammation, and itching. Other people choose to ingest cannabis oil with vape pens.

Weed Rosin

Rosin is derived from liquified cannabinoids, like THC, and unstable liquid terpenes heated and squeezed out of the plant where it becomes a solid form of resin. The resin technique has rapidly developed in recent years and is now a simple and affordable way to produce a quality product. Rosin can be made into other consistencies, including shatter and wax.

Cannabis Wax

Cannabis wax is made by applying a highly flammable liquid called butane to several marijuana buds that are packed together in a tube. The THC is extracted and is highly concentrated. Cannabis wax is oily, has the same consistency as normal wax, and is just as robust. It usually turns a yellow colour once it’s been cooled. It’s mainly smoked in a bong or a vape pen.

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